The back of my knee

So for three weeks, I’ve been wearing a brace and babying my Bakers cystic knee, elevating it whenever I could and icing it down. Until Friday, it didn’t feel that much better. Until Friday.

Friday, it felt so much better. I entertained the notion that I could carry a heavy chair upstairs alone, and I did! And nothing hurt.

Until Saturday morning, when I had to get up early and go to a family funeral. My knee, my sciatic nerve, and my hamstring screamed in pain: “NO! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING, GET BACK IN BED!!!!”

It was the worst feeling I’ve ever had, and it lasted all day and all night. This morning, I tried to stand up and had to drag my leg along, like Frankenstein’s monster. It hurts SO bad.

I am getting really sick of middle age. I like the wisdom and serenity and all that crap, but you can keep this sort of thing.

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