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Up on the roof

Laura Nyro:

Comfort and joy

by Susie
I was in the drugstore and passed by an entire section of “As Seen On TV” merchandise. Compression socks… hmm. I bought a pair, cut some holes in them for my fingers and thumb and voila! My arm doesn’t hurt when I type.

Now if only there was a compression sock for my shoulder.

I can’t tell you why

I never paid much attention to this song until I saw “Shoot The Moon” in 1982, starring Albert Finney and Diane Keaton as a divorcing couple with kids. It just jumped out of the soundtrack:

Pushing wages down

by Susie
Remember: Cheap disposable labor with no legal protections. The Republican Holy Grail!

HARRISBURG — State legislators are caught in a squeeze between conservative groups that want to repeal Pennsylvania’s 50-year-old “prevailing wage law” and construction unions, which are fighting hard to retain it.

The first step toward repeal is expected this week, when the House is to vote on a measure that would narrow significantly the number of publicly funded construction projects covered by the law.

The law, enacted in 1961, requires school districts, counties and towns to pay prevailing wages, which often means union wages, to employees hired for public construction projects.

Critics complain that the law — which is supported by many Democrats and unions — unnecessarily drives up the labor costs on projects and thus the financial burden on taxpayers. The law requires prevailing wages to be paid to workers on all public construction projects costing more than $25,000.

Yes, I was just thinking we needed to lower wages on the few jobs we have left. Way to represent, state legislature!

The heart of the matter

India Arie with the version Don Henley said was better than his:

I’m looking through you

The boys:

Doctor my eyes

Jackson Browne:

April Fools

Rufus Wainwight:

Friendly Officer Bill

by Susie
Tracking your cell phone!

April Fool’s day!

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