Whiny white people


NY Times:

Black people, who make up 22% of the poor, receive 14% of government benefits. White people, who make up 42% of the poor, receive 69% of government benefits.

Don’t worry, it’s not as if Teabaggers pay any attention to facts. Because otherwise, their heads might explode. See, they can’t simply say, “Oh, good, I was wrong and I need to change my thinking.” Their brains only work in reverse.

Saving Mario

When your little girl wants to be the one saving Mario, what’s a hacker dad to do?

Oblivious to the kind of attention it started to get, I turned my attention to the reason behind all of this in the first place: My daughter. Just like clockwork, she woke up and sat on my lap asking to play Donkey Kong. Only this time, she could play as Pauline. She was excited! But for all she knew, I just figured out how to get Pauline to work. And that was fine. I wasn’t expecting it to change her life. We played for a bit. And some more. And again later. You know what? She really did seem to enjoy the game more. For whatever reason, she was more motivated to play as Pauline than as Mario. I can’t read into that too much, because it does feel a bit like a new game to her still. So we’ll see how she does after a week with it.

Meanwhile, a couple of my friends decided to tweet about it and post some of the work-in-progress to Reddit. By the time I started to catch up with all my social feeds, something insane had happened. This little mod exploded. I didn’t follow the whole Tropes vs. Women thing, but I saw a lot of references to it. In my wildest dreams, I just expected a bunch of fellow coders to chat about the merits of the mod. I never expected it to ignite a gender-role debate.

The comments under the YouTube video can, at times, be just as horrific as they are encouraging. While some of the things people have said about my daughter are almost comically inappropriate, they are still downright disturbing. One person wished her “dead” because “it would do the world a favor and be one less feminist in our future.”

WTF is the matter with some men? Seriously — you wish a little girl dead because she wanted to be the hero in a video game? For the sake of your daughters, sisters and wives, it’s about time men started talking to other men about that kind of misogynist bullshit, because when women do it, we’re apparently trying to neuter them.

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