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  1. Mind you, I didn’t donate (couldn’t, still can’t, trying to hold on to our house, pets=family, etc), however those who did donate and could afford to would agree with me:
    You do great work, know when/where to dig for info. You’re a great ‘old time journalist’. Someone who looks for the facts, no matter how much they (dis)agree with you. Fact are facts.
    Also, personally, I admit I look for more info on the Unemployment area. You seem to be able to grasp things that ‘regular folk like me’ don’t.
    I count myself lucky that I’m a healthy 46-yo. My partner is 56. I urged her to go for a colonoscopy, she did, the insurance paid for it.
    However, during the colonoscopy they found polyps, they removed them. Ohuh!! Well, the practice didn’t bill for that correctly, so therefore you (she) owes $700!!
    Effin outrageous!
    Why approve a colonoscopy is you don’t AlSO approve removal of pre-cancerous polyps (which they turned out to be)
    What if the polyps WERE cancerous???? Would they have paid for that or still claim some bureaucratic BS?
    Argghhh- I’m just so so mad at this system. And so so mad that this HCR is so inferior!!

  2. Sorry – the last part got away from me.
    All I was trying to say that I’m pretty sure that those who did donate to you – they’re pretty happy you’re ok.
    And that you’ll be able to continue to practice the journalism that, you know, journalism was supposed to be.
    Thank you.

  3. I’d appeal that to my state insurance commissioner AND I’d contact my congressman. They can help with that.

  4. Yo Dutch, I know what you are talking about—same thing happened to my important other—she had a colonoscopy, had insurance too. But when they removed a couple of “potentially” cancerous stuff they charged her $500.00. The insurance paid for the procedure, but not for the “life-saving” removal of the bad stuff. We’re still paying after all the calls to anyone who’d listen. Whata bullshit system, huh?

  5. Glad that you got out of the woods at least for the time being. Since you are set for the moment, I gave a little to Gary Farber as two of his subscribers canceled their subscriptions recently. Hope that everything keeps going upward for you.

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