Good Friday Traffic

First, I-95 was crawling. Then when I finally got to the expressway entrance, I saw it was a parking lot. So I veered off into a side exit and had to drive through heavy downtown traffic, made worse by some emergency that required an awful lot of ambulances and police cars.

So I crawled through the university area, which was packed. (Don’t students go home for Easter? What am I missing?) Then, when I got to the restaurant where I was meeting my friend, the entire block was ringed with heavy traffic and there was nary a parking spot in sight.

Oy. I talked to a couple of friends today, and they all said the same thing. Who knew Good Friday was such a big day for traffic? They can’t all be buying Easter candy at the last minute.

4 thoughts on “Good Friday Traffic

  1. Don’t cha know, Suze, that folks who leave the city are replaced by a whole bunch more who are visiting? I don’t fool around on the roads too much anymore on ANY holiday—too much like a rush hour.

  2. Students don’t go home for Easter, because they’ve just been home for Spring break.
    A ton of people get out of work early on Good Friday, and take the opportunity to shop.
    I got pregnant on Good Friday, 22 years ago. I took advantage of my time off.

  3. “I got pregnant on Good Friday, 22 years ago.”

    I’m sure that Jesus didn’t do it — he had an airtight alibi.

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