11 thoughts on “The Difference

  1. I don’t get it at all. This is a shocking story. How did we get to the point where it could be buried at all much less with so little attention?

  2. Everyone is a sports team fan and Obama is the team of the netroots. Also, the netroots is mainly picky, petty collection of blogs; it’s not the place to look for courage.

  3. POTUS is expanding the same programs that most folks on the left were screaming were impeachable offenses when the Cheney/Rumsfeld/Bush crew did them. All these blogs and websites had articles of impeachment drawn up and groups were forming every where to get Nancy Pelosi to do something. Now, same things, and crickets from the so-called progressives. The hypocrisy is just over the top.

  4. Nah, it’s neither hypocracy or self-hypnosis. The reason is that, after 8 years of screaming at Bush to no avail, then being duped by Obama, WHAT’S the USE in trying to curtail any of these policies when neither Congress nor the Judicial branch pays any attention to what we mere citizens want? We wrote letters, we protested in the streets, we signed petitions and had court fights – for what? NOTHING CHANGED, except to get worse for us and better for corporate Amerikkka.

    The exact same reckless (and ultimately deadly) policies are being foisted on us with respect to the environment, nuclear energy (hey, let’s bury the waste under the White House!), and the endless, pointless wars (or terror, drugs, etc.). We get, instead, MORE SPYING ON US!

    Talk about a failed state – we’re living in one (which is becoming a police state very rapidly).

  5. Obama is a wise King. Bush was an evil tyrant. Apparently it doesn’t occur to a lot of people on the left that we’re a democracy (or supposed to be).

    I fully expect this double standard to continue through the discussion of social security and medicare. Wait until they explain how brilliant Obama is for gutting them and taking that issue away from the Republicans!

  6. For my part, I gave up all hope sometime after the Democratic majority failed to do shit in 2007-2008. That Obama has come along and continues the same shit has put the last nail in the coffin of the idea that this will ever change for the better. Not that I write anymore, but if I did, that’s why I probably wouldn’t be bothering with it.

  7. Many on the left made an emotional investment in Obama, and, as of now, only some of them are recognizing the cognitive dissonance they’re having to deal with. Some are beginning to come to grips with this lack of cohesiveness between their ideals and principles and those of the actions of Obama et al.

    Others, feeling stress from something they haven’t yet quite identitfied, are hostile to those who are supposed to agree with them and are lashing out at any Dems who do not praise their object of admiration.

    Reality will be a bitch.

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