Bait and Switch

Marcy Bmaz explains why it’s not Ben Nelson, but Barack Obama who hung OLC nominee Dawn Johnsen out to dry. She concludes:

There is your answer. In brutal black and white. And progressives better wake up and start paying attention, because what you see here is extremely telling about the mindset and backbone, or severe lack thereof, the Obama White House has for the coming nomination and confirmation battle to replace Justice Stevens. If past is prologue, we are on the cusp of shifting the ideological balance of the Supreme Court severely to the right – under a Democratic “liberal” President.

8 thoughts on “Bait and Switch

  1. The trouble with this article was, it is completely speculation. In spite of the title, bmaz presents no information, no quotes, nothing about the reasons for the Johnson withdrawal except for an unreferenced assertion that Ben Nelson would have voted for Johnson so therefore it must have been Obama who was against her — even though he renominated her in January, which wasn’t mentioned in the article.

  2. Renominated her in January — and didn’t name her to a interim appointment in his recent interim appointments.

    Why hot?

  3. Oh, and maybe he’s on a Democrat of convenience. How else could he have been elected in Chicago when he entered politics?

  4. In response to Cathy from Canada above it is far more than speculation if you read all the links. I directly confirmed with Specter that he was willing to support Johnsen’s nomination ever since his meeting with her on May 12 last year, which means there were 60 votes for johnsen available to Obama to obtain cloture on the floor vote the entire second half of last year (after Franken was sworn in, which was at the first part of July). That is not speculation. Furthermore, if you think Ben Nelson is not amenable to pressure from the White House when it gets down to it, you have not been paying attention to recent history. He may not have voted for her in the floor vote, but there is not, and never has been any indication he would prevent his own President’s nominee from getting a vote. None. Quite frankly, the unsupported speculation is far more from those mindless people that parrot the BS that he would deny his President such a vote when he has NEVER said that.

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