5 thoughts on “The Logic

  1. Doesn’t seem like it would work even if inverted. Police would just not report crimes, and firefighters would redefine “fire” — and fighting fires is really one of the rarest of the services provided by today’s firefighters.

  2. Yeah, and can you visualize firemen, on a slow fire week or month, actually setting fires to get “extra credit” for putting out more fires?

  3. The inverse is already true for public health. No epidemics or outbreaks? Great job–that means we can cut your funding next year!

  4. Gerontologists should be paid on how long their patients live once they’ve been involved with them. And oncologists with the toughest cases? Why, of course, rate them on postive outcomes only and if patients don’t make it 5 years past treatment, enforce clawbacks.

    Yeah, that will increase the number of oncologists working on difficult cancers or cardiologist working with the sickest patients.

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