5 thoughts on “Unemployment Extensions

  1. I’m watching Sen. Byron Dorgan (D. – SD) right now – he’s on fire and dressing down the Repubs pretty good.

  2. Besides an extension we need a new tier. Just an extension won’t help people who have beyond their tier based on when they became unemployed. And I’m tired of this month by month stuff… how can you plan anything, especially like going to school if you have to wait month by month. Yeah, if the Dems fail this, they deserve to be unemployed themselves. (Although with their connections, they’d find lobbying or of-counsel position and set for life.)

  3. Trust me – I know. I personally, as well as millions of others, need additional tiers. Need. NEED NEED NEED.
    I’ve written to Barbara Lee (my Rep), Boxer and Feinstein about this.
    It’s insane that States with, say, 2 mil people, get the same two Senators from States with over 100 mil. Insane, absolutely insane.

    The ‘Best Democracy on Earth’??? I think not.

  4. Here’s my suggestion for a new Law:

    It seems that those states, like Alaska Tennessee, Mississippi, what have you, they’re happy to receive Federal Funds. Fine. They don’t contribute to the ‘United States of America’ the same amount. They give less, receive more. Hmmm. Sound familiar? Alaska is at the top, receiving more Fed dollars than any other State. Yet they give out ‘Oil dividends’ to Alaskans, as if the rest of the US doesn’t exist.
    To receive Fed dollars for them is a right of all Americans. Aren’t they part of the United States of America??!!!??? Sheesh.
    Now, to receive Alaskan Oil dollars is a right for only Alaskans. It’s a State right, and we need to be independent. States need to determine their own rights. As they say.
    I say we need to take that ‘Alaskan Oil Dollar’ perk away – they’re either part of the United States or they’re not. They shouldn’t be able to have it both ways.
    Share the wealth or pay the burden. Period.

    So here’s the new Law:
    ‘No State will EVER receive more in Federal Funds than that they contribute to Federal Funds. Period.’

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