Gum On The Shoe

So the unemployment benefits are gone, gone, gone. I send resumes out into a black hole and I even tell myself I understand why I don’t hear back from anyone. After all, I’m overqualified, yet under-qualified. Plus, I’m too old. And I have a skill set no one pays for anymore.

Just this morning, I called Sen. Casey’s office. The young careerist who answered the phone told me no, there were no additional tiers added to the unemployment legislation and as far as he knew, there wouldn’t be.

He talked about it as if he were describing gum on the bottom of his shoe. Ho hum, minor irritant, too bad but oh well! “Maybe the state will add its own state-funded extension,” he said cheerily. I suppressed the urge to tell him to pull his head out of his ass, and instead told him as a constituent, I hoped Senator Casey would do something to help people like me.

“Oh, sure, I’d be happy to pass that message along,” he chirped. And why not? He has a job.

5 thoughts on “Gum On The Shoe

  1. “And I have a skill set no one pays for anymore.”

    Me too. That was the biggest shock. I always thought that I’d always have work, so long as copy needed printing. Now I feel like a buggy-whip polisher.

  2. Not for long, the Stupid Fuck! He and his ilk will soon be replaced by a bunch of fat, white snake-handling tongue-talking dipshits with Southern accents who legislate like the apocalypse is just around the corner. Like it should be welcomed!

    Good riddance to that stupid asshole when he loses his job for being yet another Stupid Fuck Democrat who doesn’t do the right thing.

  3. Welcome to the new America, everyone! We may as well get used to it, because GWB is gone and BHO isn’t gonna do much for anyone in the 50-60, unemployed age range. This is the new economy, the New World Order Bush one talked about in 1990. It took a while to get here, but this is it. Check it out: the ‘bone’ we were all tossed it the new Health Care for all law. No job? We’ll help you at least pay for health care! And don’t worry if you’re unemployed because we’re gonna make sure you can at least get a minimum-wage hustle to (maybe) be able to pay your rent and buy a couple of things to eat. And shit, if the job you get is at McDonalds, you can eat for free! Whattaya complaining about? At least they didn’t bring back the draft to send all our asses to ‘the new Nam’.

  4. Oh, and one more thing. There won’t be any ‘recovery’ for 50-60 age folks. Y’all want too much for your services (your ‘senority’ is/was a crock), and since we–the corporatists who’ve made a shitload of money without y’all on our payrolls—now own the elections, there’s no way you can vote anyone into the office of president who’ll be able to change any damn thing. Period! Sorry! Suckers! But that’s the way it is. Now just shut the fuck up and learn to live on a whole lot less!

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