5 thoughts on “A Christian Nation

  1. Didn’t the founding fathers leave the friggin British Empire—-and faught a Revolution—-seeking religious freedom? GAWD, the Palinistas musta been asleep in grade school!

  2. Susie, the Tea Partiers’ opposition to Obama has never been based on facts, like the Founder’s statements.

    They are angered that an African-American is President. It upends their view of how the world works.

    You and I are the same age. Remember when, as kids, we’d play “EENIE-MEANIE-MYNIE-MOE? The next line did not mention a “tiger.” Not even in an ostensibly northern city like Philly. But that world is part of the popular culture the tea party people consider “normal”.

  3. I have always loved Jimmy Madison and Thomas Jefferson, they knew the truth of OUR revolution, (ok I can’t leave out John Adams) these folk KNEW the dangers of State Sponsored Religion, they or their contemporaries saw the fate of the Priests Hanged in Massachusetts, the Quakers hanged, they KNEW of the persecution of the Catholics in England, and the Huegenots in France, these matters were of HIGH importance to them… NO ESTABLISHMENT OF RELIGION


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