Death Threats

For Raul Grijalva, for daring to oppose the new Arizona immigration bill:

U.S. Democratic Rep. Raúl Grijalva is closing his Tucson and Yuma offices today at noon because of what he said were multiple death threats and threats of violence.

Police are stationed outside his Tucson office, according to a statement from spokesman Adam Sarvana.

Sarvana said the office received “some pretty scary calls,” including two from the same person, he said, “who threatened to go down there and blow everyone’s brains out then go to the border to shoot Mexicans.”

Yes, but Keith Olbermann yelled! And Jon Stewart said the F word!

Grijalva staffer Ruben Reyes said the office has been flooded with calls all week about Senate Bill 1070. About 25 percent are “very racist” in nature, Reyes said, characterizing some as “telling that tortilla-eating wetback to go back to Mexico.”

He said the staff feels “very intimidated” by the calls from this morning.

Cowards, the lot of them. Anonymous phone calls and threats, the American way!

As I recently pointed out to someone in a conversation about this, undocumented immigrants are still paying taxes. And no, they’re not eligible for most government services – certainly not Social Security.

So all this screaming and yelling is about hardworking people who are paying taxes that support the rest of us.

Just had to get that off my chest.

4 thoughts on “Death Threats

  1. Wonder if the people of Arizona remember that they live in what used, no many years ago, to be Mexico? The white people should go back to where the hell they came from.

  2. I’d think that especially the Tea-Partiers, so so concerned with the Constitution and all, that they’d be the FIRST ones to stand up to the Censorship of the Free Speech part of the South Park/Comedy Channel.
    But no…..crickets all along. Are they waiting for Islamist Extremists to rear up their ugly heads, then claim how bad they are???
    Is only the Second Amendment important to them? (Just give me a reason! – type deal?)
    Apparently they’re not too concerned about the First Amendment – if they were, they’d speak up.
    It seems they simply WANT to the Islamic Extremists get violent – only then could they justify the Second Amendment.
    It’s just sick.
    You’re either FOR the enforcement of the Constitution or not. Simple.
    The Constitution calls for Freedom of Speech, which is what the guys at South Park use. They make fun of Jezus, God, Godzilla, Hindu, Buddhist, Jews, and yes, Muslims. EVERYBODY.
    Hetero, Homo, Bi, Trans. ALL are being made fun off.

    The ….crickets…. on the Christian Right can only mean that they agree – no making fun of anything you don’t agree with. Period.
    The Christian Right feels strongly about guns, about abortion. Somewhat strong about child sexual abuse – it simply seems to happen too often to too many boys by too many men.
    However horrific that is – they still need to claim the moral high-road on abortion.

    A couple of nights ago, Frontline did an expose on boy-child trafficking among the ‘Taliban’.
    Doesn’t it seem the same in all organised religions???
    Men take all the power. Women are denigrated into nothing.


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