Torture in Iraq

Remember when reports like this were used as the rationale to invade Iraq? Now we help them cover it up:

Prisoners held for months without charge in a secret jail in Baghdad were subjected to horrific torture over a period of months – including electric shocks and rape, claims suggest. A British citizen, who is still in detention, is among the men making the allegations.

The BBC has spoken to former prisoners who back up the picture of systematic abuse at the detention centre detailed in a new report by the US-based pressure group, Human Rights Watch.

The secret detention facility at Muthana airbase is now closed.

[…] The man does not want to reveal his identity for fear of retribution, but he is one of a number of people spoken to by the BBC whose stories of terrifying abuse are almost identical to accounts given to Human Rights Watch by former inmates of Muthana now in detention elsewhere.

“Some of us were sodomised, with sticks or sometimes steel pipes and they applied electric shocks to our genitals. They told us if we did not confess they would bring our mothers and sisters and rape them in front of us.”