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Women shouldn’t really have any say about their own lives. It’s all about the fetus!

Democrats in the Florida House rebuffed Republican attempts to pass a stringent anti-abortion law by shutting down the chamber’s business today.

The measure in question is an ultrasound requirement—similar to the one passed by Oklahoma on Tuesday—that would require an ultrasound on a woman prior to abortion, within the woman’s view, and with a description of the fetus’ development. It would go even further than the Oklahoma law in requiring that the woman also pay for her ultrasound.

The Florida measure came on the heels of some of the most aggressive anti-abortion legislation states have seen in recent years, including the bill in Oklahoma and an abortion ban in Nebraska.

The anti-abortion measure was an amendment to a larger health bill, HB 1143, tacked on yesterday during Senate consideration. “This language had not been previously discussed in the legislature,” says Mark Hollis, communications director for the Democratic Office in the Florida House of Representatives. “It was an 11th hour surprise.”

3 thoughts on “Fetus World

  1. One of the posts over at the blog Feministing.com points out that inserting a foreign object into a woman against her will is legally rape. The Oklahoma bill is therefore requiring doctors to rape their patients with this ultrasound “probe”.

    I should think that even using the external thing they rub on your belly against your will would be assault.

    Sex is sin and only redeemed if it is open to the possibility of procreation. Anything that blocks (contraception) or evades (abortion) the possibility of procreation is therefore sinful and wrong. Babies are God’s righteous punishment for sex. Ask anyone who grew up as an unplanned, unwanted child, what Momma told them.

    See “Aquinas on Sex”

  2. PS That is to say that the abortion debate is noting about the sacred nature and value of life, it is about sex and controlling women’s sexual activity.

  3. I’ll go farther. IMO, it’s about controlling women through our biology. Do all you can to keep us poor, uncertain, and on the defensive, and it’s much easier to keep us subordinate.

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