Ruh Roh

Looks like McCain’s not getting any votes from these guys:

Adam Bustos, a third-generation Mexican-American, has voted Republican since Ronald Reagan ran for president. But he has been reconsidering his party affiliation since Arizona State Gov. Jan Brewer signed the nation’s toughest immigration law last month.

“I’ve been thinking I might leave the party,” said Mr. Bustos, a 58-year-old Arizona native. “A lot of my Latino Republican friends have been talking about it after this law.”

The new Arizona law requires police to question people whom they suspect are in the U.S. illegally. Supporters say the law is necessary to combat rampant illegal border crossings. Opponents say it can’t be enforced without violating civil liberties.

Many Hispanic-Americans say they feel stung by a law they allege invites racial profiling, incites hatred and discriminates against all Latinos.

The law in Arizona was passed by a Republican legislature and signed by a GOP governor. Republican lawmakers in Texas, Utah and several other states have said they would consider introducing laws similar to the one passed in Arizona.

See, that’s the brilliance of the Arizona Republicans. Why, it never even occurred to them that the good Mexicans would take racism personally!

2 thoughts on “Ruh Roh

  1. No foresight. it’s the soft-underbelly of the beast. they never see anything coming. they never saw 9/11 coming (even though they were warned); they never saw how Iraq could become a disaster (again, even though they were warned). They never saw Katrina coming (again, they were warned). they never saw the dangers of a surveillance state.

    and on and on. they have no foresight whatsoever. I have no idea why an elephant, a creature reputed to have a great memory, is the symbol of the GOP. They don’t remember ANYTHING.

  2. California Proposition 187 is the big dadi of the current Republican racism. It killed the Republicans in California, except for personalized elected position such as governor, and will do the same for most states where Hispanics can tilt the scale towards the Democrats.

    California Proposition 187 was designed to prohibit illegal immigrants from using social services, health care, and public education in the U.S. State of California.

    From anecdotal information I have, New Mexico, Arizona, California and may be Texas have significant numbers of Mexican Americans who have been in the US for generations. These Mexican Americans split between Democrats and Republicans closer to white population.

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