7 thoughts on “New Obama Drug Policy


    What it is is a recipe for incarceration: cannabis metabolites take 2 weeks to break down. Furthermore, just like second hand smoke leaves you smelling like tobacco, if you’re near someone who smokes weed (like at a concert), you’ll inevitably end up with cannabis metabolites in your bloodstream.

    What a fucking asshole.

  2. What I wanna know is how the hell is a cop gonna have a car load of folks pee in a cup on the side of the road? Or, will they just haul the driver on down to the nearest precinct to pee? And if the driver is perfectly sober—hasn’t smoked a joint in a day or so—can this stand up in court, arrested without any probable cause? This is typical “police state” bullshit!

  3. I don’t understand why it’s limited to illegal drugs. Lots of legal drugs leave you impaired, and they warn you against driving. No one really listens, though.

  4. Cops can tell by, you know, looking at you. Get that Grateful Dead sticker off your car NOW.
    So, who’s going to go up against Obama in the primaries?

  5. If they see that Rush Limbaugh bumpersticker on my Hummer, will they test me for oxycontin?

  6. The hypocrisy is breathtaking. But it’s not to be wondered at–it is all, always, totally about the money (in this case, the money made by law enforcement, gun runners, the military, and the prison complex). If Obama shut off that golden teat, he’d be shot.

    And yes, I know a woman who takes a frightening amount of percocet, darvon, vicodin, whatever, almost daily, and drives all over the place.

  7. Thank god the Clinton Administration never arrested any pot smokers!

    Can you imagine how lame it would have been if Bill Clinton had left office and then said he wished he would have done more to decrim pot?

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