Ah, Politics!

Hailed as a potential savior when he ran for mayor of Philadelphia three times as a Republican (and lost), Sam Katz is now a Democrat. And if he runs for mayor, I guarantee you that many of the same people who are dismissing Specter because he switched parties will embrace a Katz candidacy:

SAM KATZ – former candidate for mayor, former Republican – mingled with fellow Democrats Monday night at the annual Jefferson-Jackson dinner.
That sparked some speculation about whether Katz, hard at work on a documentary about the history of Philadelphia, is considering another run for office.

Could Katz, who ran three times for mayor and once for governor, be thinking about taking another shot? The next big race in the city for a Democrat would be next year’s primary for mayor. That would pit Katz against Mayor Nutter.

Katz, who switched his voter registration to Democrat in March 2008, declined to comment when we asked if he was mulling a return to politics.

We asked former Mayor John Street, who beat Katz in the 1999 and 2003 elections, what he thought about his old rival turning up as a Democrat. Street wasn’t surprised, noting that Katz “has always had views that were more in line with Democratic values” than the GOP.

“He’s a fiscal conservative but very liberal on most social issues,” Street said in an e-mail.

8 thoughts on “Ah, Politics!

  1. I DO! I really really do enjoy stirring up shit, especially because I fucking detest the “progressive hope”, Mayor Michael “Let’s do away with public amenities” Nutter.

    seriously: it’s at the point that whenever i hear one of these progressive organizations endorse someone, i feel like i should support the other guy. And it’s always delivered with such an air of “we know better than you.” i remember getting in arguments with some of the Philly For Change members, who were always telling me how progressive Nutter is. It’s been a lot of fun watching them look on in horror.

  2. Hey, you don’t have to tell ME. It was during that campaign that I learned how little progressive groups cared about actual facts, and were as susceptible to branding and marketing as any high school kid buying sneakers.

  3. ah yes, no branding with your guy eh?
    you know, the candidate who couldn’t look anyone in the eye and actually had the good sense to ask me– as I bartended at the BREWERY– “what do you have to drink?”

  4. Everyone wants different things from a candidate. I wanted someone who I thought would best steer the city through the coming financial crisis and clean out the patronage nests. I knew Nutter wouldn’t do it, and he hasn’t.

  5. she’s right steve. Nutter’s got two tricks when it comes to the city’s financial problems: cut services and raise taxes on those who can afford it least. If i wanted to name names, i could point out a bunch of the YPP/PFC folks who strongly supported Nutter who are now wondering “wtf was i thinking?”

  6. When I was at a candidates forum, and they asked what would be the most pressing problem a new mayor would face, everyone else talked about poverty and the schools. Mike Nutter, former municipal bond salesman and head of the Convention Center Authority, said the most serious problem was “making sure we expand the Convention Center.”

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