From Steve Hynd at Newshoggers:

Reuters reports that between 14 and 16 are dead after Israeli commandos used live ammunition against a humanitarian flotilla which was trying to reach Gaza with supplies yesterday evening. Reuters reports at least 30 injured too, while KUNA puts the injured at 60.

One Israeli serviceman was “moderately injured” by a knife wound during the assault, which took place just after dark and after Israel had attacked vessels flagged in America, Europe and Turkey, while they were still in international waters. The passengers included a holocaust survivor, USS Liberty survivors, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, EU MEPs & hundreds of humanitarian workers.

I’ll have more in the morning, especially on reactions from around the world, but this is a shocking crime against humanity showing no conscience whatsoever. President Obama has to realise at this point that supporting Israel is akin to Reagan’s support for the Botha regime in South Africa in the 80’s.

Update: Here’s some Sky News footage of the assault, via The Guardian, which is constantly updating its report here.

2 thoughts on “Aftermath

  1. This just gives more evidence as to who the “true” aggressors really are. The Israeli government and military can say all they want about how the activists on board were “armed and dangerous”, but it doesn’t match up with the facts. The Israeli soldiers shot and killed up to 19 innocent people on those ships, how many soldiers were killed by the activists? None, yet the mainstream media keeps defending Israel like they are either victims or innocent of any wrongdoing. These activists on board these ships wanted to go to Gaza to bring medical supplies and food to the Palestinians living there. Yet, Israel would rather shoot and kill people rather than let these boats dock in Gaza. What these activists are bringing are not military weapons or bombs, but of basic human needs that everybody deserves to have, no matter what country or state they may live in. Obama needs to stop taking advice from Rahm Emanuel and other pro-Israeli administration staff and start acting with his instincts and guts, if he does have any left.

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