2 thoughts on “Staring Down Desperation

  1. The comments to the article… I wanted to take almost every writer — and I read maybe only 30 or so — and shake them and shake them so hard their brains hurt. I try not to wish such idiots bad luck but it is so hard. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  2. from avedon carol on the need for flyers that can be passed under peoples’ doors with a message more or less like this:

    “You worked hard and played by the rules, and now people in expensive suits who sat in offices recklessly gambling with other people’s money want to stop you from being able to retire.

    “They exported jobs to other countries and made it harder to start new businesses to create new jobs. They slashed government spending to the point where even schools are closing. They failed to honor contracts that said they would put money into your pension fund, and now there is no pension fund. And now they want your unemployment insurance so they can gamble that away, too.

    “They say you need to tighten your belt to pay for their mistakes.

    “Well, why should you?

    “You paid for insurance to protect you from this. Demand what you paid for.

    “Social Security: You paid for it. We have the money. You earned it. You deserve it. And they don’t.”

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