Your Monday Taser

One in a never-ending series…

Michelle Schreiner’s blood sugar was dangerously low when a friend called 9-1-1 and Gresham police and paramedics arrived to find her holding a syringe full of insulin.

The officer ordered Schreiner — who was dropping in and out of consciousness and was having trouble speaking or moving — to drop the syringe. He shot Schreiner with a stun gun before handcuffing her and allowing paramedics to treat her.

Not only was the incident life-threatening, Schreiner said, the stun gun was excruciating, and she was left humiliated, with saliva and mucus running from her mouth and nose.

Schreiner sued in U.S. District Court over the December 2005 incident. Last month, the city and Schreiner’s attorney, Beth Creighton, reached a settlement: Schreiner received $37,500 and a promise that Gresham will train its officers by the end of summer in how to better recognize and care for people in medical distress, including those with diabetes.

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  1. On most of these medical 911 calls that end with unnecessary use of force, I keep asking – why is a cop even along? Is that standard procedure for some of these areas?

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