Great comment over at Digby’s:

This current crop of right-wing zealots and would-be scandal mongers, like Andrew Breitbart and Glenn Beck and James O’Keefe and Company, don’t even qualify as “muscular teenagers with switchblade knives” — they’re nerdy, creepy, cowardly, Rovian vermin with cellphone cameras and video-editing software and a few cultivated connections with compliant and complicit fools at Politico and FOX News and Drudge who are always eager to oblige (or Breitbart’s own website when the stuff is too slimey even for the usual shills to break) and that’s about the extent of their range.

If Obama and the Democrats had the guts to stand up to these small-beer bully boys and tell them to just fuck off and take their lies and smears and fake scandals and edited video clips with them, the smear stories would soon die from lack of oxygen. But, alas, they don’t have the guts.

Instead, Obama and the Democrats give credence to the right-wing zealots when they fold up, cave in, roll over, and play dead — they actually join in attacking the victims of right-wing smears by firing them, or condemning them, or bleating for an investigation, or passing illegal bills of attainder to strip them of their funding in the case of ACORN — only to lose in court because bills of attainder are prohibited under the U.S. Constitution. D’oh!

Bill Clinton taught the major league right-wing sandal mongers who impeached him — and the trembling and timid Democrats who cowered on the sidelines watching the trainwreck — how it’s done. He fought back and he beat the motherfuckers!

Obama and the current crop of Democrats can’t even stand up to the minor-league second stringers like Brietbart and Glenn Beck and James O’Keefe. How pathetic is that?

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