Right Wing Lies 101

I can’t do anything about the media, or the gutless administration, but I can remind you that whenever a scandal is ginned up like this by the right-wing attack machine, IT IS ALWAYS A LIE. It may be a lie wrapped around a minute speck of truth, but that only makes the lie more plausible. It is still a lie. Believe it.

And the lazy, fawning excuse of a national press corps who willingly swallows whatever regurgitated swill the right wing feeds them — well, I think we all know by now not to listen to them. If it wasn’t for the liberal bloggers who got right to work on this Shirley Sherrod story, we still wouldn’t know the truth. (Just as few of the national media have admitted how wrong they were about the ACORN “scandal” — fabricated by the exact same people.)

Andrew Breitbart? He’s a lying piece of shit, a man completely without honor. Fuck him and his constant whining. “I’m not a racist, my adopted sister is a Mexican!”

You know what really pisses me off about this story? Shirley Sherrod’s father was killed by a white farmer. Now, she’s been destroyed by the same kind of people — only this time, they used some editing software and a right wing attack machine to do it.

4 thoughts on “Right Wing Lies 101

  1. I just accidentally watched the CBS news, and they were all over this. They showed the unedited (or at least not edited as much) video, showed how her comments were taken completely out of context, and interviewed the white farmer about whom she had been speaking (who said he’d have lost his farm without her).

    Then they mentioned how she’d been called (by someone at the White House, probably Vilsack) on her cell and ordered to pull over and write a resignation letter on her Blackberry. They didn’t mention Breitbart, but did show a screenshot of his website.

    Now CNN is doing mea culpas without mentioning anyone’s names.

    I am agreeably surprised. The White House is going to take some serious heat for this, and I hope they do.

  2. Chris Matthews, CBS, and CNN stepped up to the plate on
    The White House has learned nothing. Breitbart deals in
    edited tapes, lies distortions and half-truths. Instead of cowering
    they should tell him to buzz off.

  3. I think I saw Sherrod’s version on Yahoo this morning, so that would have been AP. The report I saw said NAACP was on Sherrod’s butt about this, that racism was never acceptable, but that they were going from Breitbart’s video.
    It’s a little strange, to start seeing not so horrible reporting.

  4. Obama and Vilsack need to reinstate Sherrod and apologize PDQ.

    After which, they need to turn on Breitbart with the incandescent fury of a billion suns, and drive his lying racist ass OUT of the public sphere once and for all.

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