Like Flies To Honey

Every wacky wingnut in the world is on the teevee today to bemoan the “discrimination” against God-fearing Christians if the courts allow gay marriage. Now Wingnut Wendy Wright of Concerned Women for America is on Hardball talking about what this does to “the children” of America and how Christians will be “persecuted” for living their “beliefs.”

You remember that for a very long time, these were the same arguments advanced by the godly right wing against the legalizing of interracial marriage. They seem almost quaint now, don’t they?

4 thoughts on “Like Flies To Honey

  1. They should be persecuted for their beliefs.

    They should be executed for their beliefs.

    Destroying the world in the name of dog.

  2. matthews asked the right question. how does gay marriage
    affect my marriage. wright had no answer. she got on her
    bicycle and started peddling. she bobbedm she weaved, , she evaded, she
    avoided, drifted off to opening the door to polygamy and
    ended with Christians being persecuted.

  3. There’s also all that psuedo-reasonable wingnut rhetoric about how it’s horrible and divisive that courts would allow gay marriage on equal protection grounds, setting up decades, DECADES of Roe.v.Wade type of backlash, and how it would be SO much better to let voters or legislators decide on this stuff.

    To which, one simple answer: “Loving v. Virginia”. Where’s the backlash? Do they think it’s not legit? Do they want it re-litigated, the issue handed back to politicians or voters? Why not?

    Equal protection means “equal protection”. If they wingnuts don’t like it, they can move to Iran.

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