2 thoughts on “Restoring Honor

  1. I tuned in to C-Span and caught a Dick Morris talk to the crowd. I didn’t know who it was at first — he was trying to make some jokes, then segued into political attacks and said he had been told he couldn’t use actual names. But he got in some licks on Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Dems in general. Mostly went on about Big Spending politicians (Dems, hint hint).

    He’s quite a bit heavier than in his Clinton and toe sucking days, but finally he was id’d and I realized that was why he looked somehow familiar — he was indeed Dick Morris.

    He was followed by a had of the NC Tea Party, a guy with a growly voice who was difficult to listen to. I tried to pay attention, but just couldn’t and clicked away from the Beck rally.

    Earlier, I had heard on NPR’s top of the hour news summary that Palin had said MLK would have thought the most important thing would be to honor and support our troops. Or something like that….

    Say wha’, Sarah? MLK was fervently antiwar, hated our war against the people of Vietnam. Get a clue, Ms. Palin!

  2. Bizarro world. Fucking Bizarro world has come to 21st century America. Thank you corporate media.

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