2 thoughts on “New Gallup Poll

  1. I could swear NewsHour tonight focused on two polls showing sharp drops in already dicey Dem standings with voters.

    The generic R vs generic D numbers were really scary — no tie there. IIRC, it was R’s at 42, D’s at 40…. Transcript will be out tomorrow.

  2. Here’s the NewsHour transcript from last night, 9/7. Video as well.

    First, I typoed — I’d thought the generic was R’s at 52 — and I also confused it with another poll result:

    …55 percent say they want to put the Republicans in charge because they want a check against President Obama, vs. 39 percent who want the Democrats in charge to support his agenda…

    The analyst, NewsHour political editor David Chalian, kept saying the trend was away from Dems and toward Repubs, with Obama’s poll numbers finally showing the public was now including Obama in their anger and disappointment with the Congressional Dems. Definitely a Debbie Downer, that analyst, but with a really happy expression on his face!

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