What Atrios said:

This is a righteous rant pointing out that what we have is a complete fucking fail. It’s a failure of our political institutions, of our financial system, of our economy as structured, of the economics profession, of unelected elite GOP Daddies who are supposed to fix things, of the media, of the whole fucking thing. Extended 9.5%+ unemployment is not ok. It means something is seriously fucking wrong, and the people in charge are unwilling or for whatever reason (including being idiots) unable to fix the problem.

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  1. oops!!!!

    Question: What happens when a society’s major institutions all come tumbling down as failures????? Wait, don’t answer that.

  2. I believe Carolyn is referred to Atrios’s studied neutral stance during the primaries. After he did come out with strong concern about Obama’s announcement that SocSec was in trouble and needed fixing, Atrios pulled in his horns. If I’m remembering the sequence correctly.

    However, like Digby, but without the misogynistic personal attacks made directly at himself, Atrios faced keeping his community together and not getting at one another’s throats. Essentially, the Obots worked to flame any criticism, factual or otherwise, and any analysis which did not put The One in the most glowing, best light possible.

    There were some, mostly women, there who would staunchly stand their ground, but I was among those driven off.

  3. You got it, jawbone.

    Obama destroyed the so-called progressive blogosphere, with the willing help of many of its minions.

    Carolyn Kay

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