Accident Scene

I went to Will Bunch’s book signing at the Rittenhouse Square Barnes & Noble last night, and then my friend and I went over to Drinking Liberally at Jose Pistola’s (I hadn’t even seen the new place).

On the way there, we saw a sad little episode: A sharp-looking elderly woman, dining al fresco with her husband, who had some kind of accident falling off her chair. She couldn’t move, and all I could think about was how vulnerable they are at that age — that one minute, they’re independent and happy, and the next they have a fracture that’s the beginning of a downward spiral. (Let’s just say I felt great empathy for her.) Poor thing.

One thought on “Accident Scene

  1. Until fairly recently, I had no idea how many elderly people fall, and how often, and how serious it can be. Scary indeed, and it won’t be long for any of us ’till we’re there too.

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