Waiting For Superman

“I don’t know whether to vote for Fenty or Gray,” a D.C. friend confided to me last week.

“Which candidate is backed by the white progressives?” I said.


“Then vote for Gray.”


I told him that contrary to what he’d heard, Michelle Rhee wasn’t the savior of D.C. schools and it was nothing more than the corporatization of public education. “If you don’t trust Bill Gates to sell you software, why would you trust him to sell you an education system?” is my motto.

Now that I’ve read this piece about “Waiting for Superman,” the documentary that has the privileged classes all in an admiring tizzy (Arianna, queen of unpaid content, is already pushing it), I’m even more convinced I was right about Michelle Rhee.

The problems in our class system are systemic, going far beyond access to the “right” schools. While this film may excite liberals whose kids will never see the inside of an inner-city public school (unless Mommy or Daddy brings them along while they’re filming documentaries like this), the parents whose kids are in those schools are rightfully wary of Great White Saviors — as well they should be.

3 thoughts on “Waiting For Superman

  1. Yeah Suze, aside from the jingoism of Bush’s “no child left behind” and Obama’s “race to the top” (which, btw, are different only in that Obama actually funded his plan), the truth of the matter is that big corporate money is priming itself to completely control ‘public education’ in this country and—–imho—–thin the heard between the haves and have-nots once again. Those students, very poor or black/latino or otherwise unattended to, are being consigned to ‘drop-out status’ pure and simple. This class of ‘non-students’ are already being set up for the ‘new’ design for privately owned and operated prisons. I’m a retired school teacher who taught at the middle school level and saw the bullshit game being planned when GW was prez; now BH is finalizing the game plan!

  2. I learned today (from NPR or possibly a mention on a Sunday talk program) that the producer of Waiting for Superman was the producer of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth movie.


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