You Knew This Was Coming

That worked well, didn’t it? As opposed to Medicare for all, I mean:

Several health insurance companies have announced that they are ending insurance coverage for children because the new law won’t let them turn away the sick ones anymore. That’s right – WellPoint, CoventryOne and others are refusing to issue new child-only policies because the companies will no longer be able to deny coverage to children with “pre-existing conditions.” They blame their actions on the new health care law, not their own greed. Even for the insurance industry this behavior is surprisingly brazen. They don’t like the rules, so they’re going to take their ball and go home.

The insurance companies announced their plans to turn away sick kids only days before Sept. 23, when important parts of the health insurance law take effect. These include consumer protections that end the worst of insurance company abuses. The law puts an end to odious practices like dropping people because they got sick, putting annual and lifetime limits on how much coverage you can get from the insurance policy you rightly thought covered everything, and denying children coverage because they’re sick.

Once the law is fully implemented, insurance companies will not be able to deny any of us coverage because we have an illness, or drop us when we do, or force us into bankruptcy because of caps on how much of our health care they’ll pay for (you can read a summary here). That’s why this law really is a BFD, and that’s why this latest move by the insurance companies is so over the top.

See? Dems running away from the bill (after helping to neuter it in the first place) have created a favorable environment for this game of political “chicken.” Now it’s coming back to haunt them — and this time, they’d better not blink.

2 thoughts on “You Knew This Was Coming

  1. ‘They better not blink’???? You’re kidding, right?

    The Dems are taking over the GOP’s ‘old’ positions, while the GOP gallops away to Nazional-Sozialismus. That’s right, NAZI’s.
    The Dems only remember to appear to care enough around election time. That’s it.
    We need a vibrant LEFT, a vibrant BLUE (dogs excluded), a vibrant Progressive group who will actually stand up for regular people during their entire time in office.
    I’m so so sick and tired of it all.

  2. Given the high percentage increases the health insurers/parasites are demanding –and getting– they’ll have of us in bankruptcy prior to implementation in 2014!

    Guess that’s what Obama gets for making deals with the devils.

    Nice timing, just before the Nov. elections. Make even more voters angry.

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