2 thoughts on “High hopes

  1. We? Just because you are on the Dems side doesn’t mean they are on your side. Ditto for the GOP.

  2. I’ve been really, really, really busy with RL, but I did read a piece by David Dayen about the importance of the various states’ atty general races. He noted that Elizabeth Warren said that the best bet for accomplishing anything about the banksters’ mortgage mess, including the robo signing and false affidavits, will come from the states’ atty generals.

    Well, Repub AG’s will probably find ways to avoid doing much (some Dem AG’s may do the same, based on some comments I’ve heard from one). So, those elections will have consequences.

    Uh oh.

    And, on NPR this morning, it was reported state insurance commissioners are getting lots of attention from Big Insurers. And why not? The bottom line depends on getting good rulings from the state commissioners. The regulations and interpretations of some of the health insurance exchanges and how the for profit insurers can call something a medical expense as opposed to a business expense will be deterined by those state insurance commissioners. Amazingly, the for profit Big Insurers sent over 1000 lobbyists to a recent national convention of these commissioner types!

    And 17 consumer activists were on hand….

    Uh oh.

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