City clinic

I spent much of today sitting around waiting at one of the city health centers. Because it was my first visit, I had to wait in one more line than the regulars for them to create a medical file. (When they asked my source of income, I had to explain what a blog was.)

Still, I saw a doctor today — for $5. I’m getting my blood pressure medication refilled, for free. I’m getting blood tests this week, also for free.

The place was a lot less depressing than I’d thought it be, and a lot less crowded. They have a mental health clinic, and a dental clinic. So we have some minimal options out there, at least.

5 thoughts on “City clinic

  1. Excellent. Back in the day, I was in dire straits and found a city-run health clinic that charged on a sliding scale. What a find that was.

  2. From now on, you’ll be jumping through hoops, and being grateful for it. If you have enough patience, you’ll be able to do okay.
    And now you see that we actually already have socialized medicine and the world hasn’t collapsed. They just don’t have the best magazines in the waiting room, is all.
    There’s more to it than that, but if you don’t have a major health problem that requires a lot of specialized care, it shouldn’t be too bad.

  3. Probably more accurate to say we have pockets of socialized medicine, which some lucky people are able to access for some things. But yes, those pockets haven’t caused any dents, let alone collapse.

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