6 thoughts on “I wonder why

  1. Women shouldn’t get all cozy with sketchy-assed cops.
    There area as many dumb amoral cops as there are clueless trashy women who don’t understand how dumb amoral cops think. Lie down with dogs…

  2. So it’s her fault? You just proved my point: Women deserve to be raped because they got all cozy with sketchy-assed cops!

  3. Yes, Susie, didn’t you know? Men have absolutely no control over their penises, so it’s got to be the woman’s fault. The raped woman is nearly always morally corrupt in some way, and therefore liable for her own rape, which she deserves.

    Exceptions include a female who is pre-pubescent, a nun, beaten within an inch of her life, or over eighty. Otherwise, forget about it.

    Now I’m going to go bury my head in a pillow and scream.

  4. Yes, not only is it the woman’s fault, but she has corrupted the men and should be stoned to death. We’re not much more progressive than Afghanistan when it comes right down to it.

  5. Monica, from this story, the only way you could have come to that conclusion is thru your own personal FANTASY. Do you feel better now that you have shared your sexual fantasies with us.
    Please never get on a jury, as you will no doubt hate the victim.

  6. A common reaction to other people’s pain is to point out how it could have been avoided, because that makes us feel like it’s less likely to happen to us or someone we care about.

    But people don’t think it through to the logical conclusion. I often wonder if people feel the same about someone driving an expensive care through a poor neighborhood. Are they asking to be hijacked?

    The fact is, you should be able to expect a certain degree of legal behavior from a police officer. And if they do something illegal, other cops shouldn’t coerce the victim into saying they didn’t.

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