Just ignore the EPA

Because to ideological dimwits and morons, lower rates trump everything else. The stupid, it burns:

WASHINGTON — An attempt by a Kentucky water district to raise rates in order to meet clean water regulations has become political, with a local Tea Party organization stepping in and arguing that the county should simply ignore federal rules.

The Northern Kentucky Water District is seeking a 25 percent rate increase by January 2012, and according to The Kentucky Enquirer, a major reason for the raise is to comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulations that are meant to prevent bladder cancer by “requiring that water utilities nationwide improve their treatment of drinking water to eliminate byproducts left over after chemical disinfection.”

“The standard that we have to meet as to whether our water is safe or not is based upon the regulations that are set under the Safe Drinking Water Act and that are administered through the (Kentucky) Division of Water,” said Northern Kentucky Water President and CEO Ron Lovan during a hearing last month. “Is our water safe? Yes, we feel it’s safe based upon the current regulations. … That’s the standard that we’ve got to meet.”

The EPA, however, is the arch-nemesis of many conservatives, who believe that it overreaches and imposes unnecessary regulations on states, localities and businesses.

But according to Lovan, if the local water district refuses to comply, it could face up to $25,000 per day in fines, the leadership could go to prison and the state Division of Water could possibly step in and take over. He added that the EPA regulations have been in the works since the 1990s and had significant public input.

“It’s been years in the making, it was a very public process that they (EPA officials) took a lot of input from a lot of interest groups all around the country,” said Lovan. “Whether the Tea Party folks believe that or not, it was a very open, public process before we got to the point where we are today.”

I guess it would be silly to point out that Kentucky has a problem with safe drinking water due to the runoff from the mining industry? Alan Grayson’s right — the Republican solution to our health problems is “die faster.”

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  1. Small correction: Northern Kentucky is right across the river from us here in Cincinnati — in many ways, Northern Kentucky communities function as suburbs of Cincinnati (think the relationship of NJ to NYC). Anyway, there aren’t any coal mines nearby, though there are lots of Appalachians who left the mountains in the WWII for factory jobs here.

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