Yeah, this kind of drives me nuts. Two of my friends are vegetarian (nothing with a face), Cos is a semi-vegetarian (except for bacon and lamb), another of my friends (and one of my cousins) is gluten-intolerant, my daughter-in-law is a vegan — and I can’t eat garlic.
This year, my daughter-in-law is cooking turkey for us, and she’ll eat her veggies.

It’s gotten to the point where it’s so complicated to entertain, you just wish everyone would bring their own food.

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving

  1. Then it’s called a pot-luck dinner, and has its own back story of tradition and meaning.
    Go for it.

  2. k beat me to it. You could also turn yourselves into Minnesotans and call it a covered-dish dinner (I THINK that’s Minnesota culture, but if I’m wrong, sorry).

  3. The term is hot dish. There’s also, “bringadishtopass.” Heck, have them bring their own plates and utensils.

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