Under siege

The assholes are coming from all sides now, including our own party. The new PA governor just announced that he will be modeling himself after Chris Christie, and by the way, will also be slashing Medicaid. (This is part of the Republican governors association and their plan to erode the new healthcare law.)

The really depressing thing is, when the Republicans take over, they do all kinds of horrible things with the cooperation of the cowering Democrats. And when the Democrats take over? They allow the Republicans to do all kinds of horrible things with their cooperation.

My suggestion to you is, carve out a safe place in your life. Whether it’s reading, creating, being with your loved ones, watching old movies, etc., find something that restores your soul and do it.

Because this stuff really eats away at you. (As I said to one kind donor the other days, it’s one of the reasons I don’t feel apologetic about asking for money. Immersing yourself in this crap day after day, all day, every day of the year, well, it takes its toll on both my mental and physical health.) It’s easy to call this a hobby, but it isn’t. It’s what I do — I’d say for a living, but it’s not, really. It’s more like grueling volunteer work with perks, like reader donations and moral support.

I feel like a sin eater. I take on the full horrors of the system, so you don’t have to.

The upside is, because I don’t have a job, I get to write what I really think, instead of what’s in line with the goals of Democratic organization. Many of you value that (although I wonder if David Axelrod does).

But it’s so taxing, so all-encompassing in my life, I actually dream about winning the lottery and taking a year off.

But I haven’t won the lottery, and so I continue to do what I do, and in exchange, any support you give is so greatly appreciated — even if all you can do is send the occasional “attagirl” email.

Thanks for everything you’ve done and continue to do to support this blog.

5 thoughts on “Under siege

  1. As you know, most of my comments on Suburban Guerrilla are for the music posts, largely because on the political posts, you pretty much say what needs saying. And I wish I could donate, and might be able to next year, after paying off the bitter fruits of my 2.5 years of unemployment (I’m celebrating my first full year of employment, in my chosen field, even! Yay, me!) But back in my salad days, I pretty much achieved my dream of accumulating the music library of my dreams, ie., anything that I wanted. SO…since you’re doing the mp3s of the day thing more and more, if you’re ever in need of a track you don’t have, please feel free to drop an e-mail, and I’ll send it along if I’ve got it.

  2. If they cut Medicaid, I’ll be dead, or unable to function. Which proves that I am unworthy, and deserve to die. Maybe that’s what the whole “Circle of Life” thing is about.
    I feel fed-upon.

  3. Susie, I have a wonderful little place upstate, if you need a free vacation, all you need is about $60 in gas round-trip & your own food…I would let you use the place for absolutely no money whatsoever as some sort of recompense for my reading of your wonderful blog every day. I don’t have any money to donate (as a matter of fact, I don’t even have the gas money to visit my cabin right now).
    Just a thought, if you’re interested my email address is above.

  4. “Sin eater!” I like that. It fits, doesn’t it. I know what you’re talking about. I’ve been the resident left-wing radical here in my Maine town for some years now, writing a political column every two weeks for the local paper (and for nothing but a free subscription)and I just wrote my swan song about a month ago. I couldn’t do it anymore. Not just the frustration, but the loss of the ability to write what I want to write, personal essays that everyone once said they loved. Now I’ve gone silent, waiting for the real stuff to come back, the stuff I want to write, the stuff that got lost in howling at all the right wing lies and craziness, at the same time watching my country fall from grace while the corporate scum danced on her grave.

    You’re right. It eats at your soul until it’s gone or beaten down so far that you can’t hear it anymore. I’m still waiting, waiting for something to come back.

  5. Sin-eater. Brilliant. Accounts for why so many things are not always as they seem, or as they are packaged, sold & consumed. There’s always so much more. Kudos to those who grok this (more than kudos, but you know what I mean). While the things that you, and k and RH speak to continue (holy compost heap sin eating at the sublime level, while overtly & obviously a difficult cycle for our country on another), some have said the story is entering the third act and I have to believe that means something wholly positive for those who’ve had their energy harvested and fed to the machine without knowledge or consent; for those who have faced forced choices in life that are far below par in terms of their own personal human potential. Anyhoo. Enjoy your t-giving turkee. Maybe it can help pay for the gas to visit T’s cabin. 🙂

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