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  1. As someone who does not watch the show, but has voted for Bristol each time – I will be happy to tell you why I did it. I am a registered Independent. I do not belong to any Political party or Tea Party Organization because I use my own brain to tell me what is right and how to think. Now I get my news from all sources – the Huffpo, Drudge, Taylor Marsh, BBC. I don’t listen to anything Rush Limbaugh says – even if he says the sky is blue because the first time I saw that guy on TV – he was making fun of a 13 year old acne faced girl named Chelsey Clinton. I thought who is this fat guy behind a desk smoking something he probably wishes his penis was the same size as, making fun of a young girl? I am supposed to respect and listen to him? Well, the same holds true for “the other side” – you who call yourselves Liberals, Progressives, Femminists, etc. Each time I see an article on the Huffpo about Bristol – it is filled with so much Vitrol I can’t help but want to do my part to “piss off” the people slinging that vitrol to a young girl because they don’t like her mother. And spare me the reasons why you don’t like her mother – that would be for another post.

  2. Holy Shit! I work with a woman who’s a devoted fan of the show (a frustrated dancer herself). Talking to her today, she was freakin’ livid. Me? I’ve never watched the show and don’t give a shit. I wrote off the Wasilla Hillbillies some time ago, but, come on, Bristol is a no talent hack, just like mom. Her promotion beyond her talent simply demonstrates corporate medias dedication to manufacturing fame and fortune for failed rethugs and their spawn.

  3. Well, my brain tells me she is no star and my eyes can see that she can’t dance either. Her mom has nothing to do with my opinions of her talents. So rant all you want, troll.

  4. Kat, I don’t need to rant, – that is the beauty of it. It is the people who hate Bristol and her family so much that is doing the ranting, sweetie! Love the guy that took a shotgun to the telly! I guess I know who won’t be watchin’ “Sarah Palins Alaska” next week not because the poor man no longer has a telly, but I am sure the jailers don’t want him watching any shows in jail. And OMG – did you see the glare that Jennifer Grey gave when they announced that Brandy had to go! I think I need to vote again the next time without even watching the show just to make sure “baby” stays in the corner! And if by “troll” you mean that you do not want other people stating their views on this blog that you do not like, you need to post on the homepage something to this effect, “Only people that agree with my views are allowed to post here. These are my views…..” and list out all those things you think people should think. Okay? Then “trolls” like me will not bother coming here. We will move on to a blog that is not afraid to listen to what the other side has to say.

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