Adventures in veganism

We wanted to go out for dinner last night, but you can’t bring a dog into a restaurant and it’s too damned cold to go to one of those places with the outdoor heaters. What to do?

We ordered from Sketch, a burger joint in Fishtown that also serves vegan burgers and milkshakes. My kid got a turkey burger, his wife got the vegan burger and I got the Dr. Pepper pulled pork. (I know, right? How could I not? It’s like Pepsi chicken, the other white-trash classic.)

The meal was accompanied by the World’s Best Fries (no, really) and fabulous chocolate vegan cupcakes. Even my son, who is now a dyed-in-the-wool New Yorker (to the point where he’s now a Mets fan and is happy about Cliff Lee because it was giving the finger to the Yankees) thought the fries were outstanding — even though they were made in Philadelphia.

The fries were really crispy and we decided they must be double-fried, which is what you have to do to keep them from turning mushy.

DIL isn’t one of those annoying vegans. She carries her own food, she prides herself on always finding something she can order from a menu. And I have to say, the vegan cupcake was great.

One thought on “Adventures in veganism

  1. The pulled pork sounds good. Please tell your son that good french fries, though not common, can be found many places, even places not in New York (for instance, the Cowgirl Bar and Grill in Santa Fe has incredible fries, and Pabst on tap).

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