5 thoughts on “Conscience

  1. Oh, do not get me started on people who believe that they can judge for God, that they speak for God, that they are better than JESUS, who taught love and tolerance and not to judge.

    Ok, now you’ve got me started. I could go on for ten pages, but I’m going to turn the other cheek and drink another glass of wine.

  2. Yep. There are those who just keep onandonandon with their petty and controlling personal agendas. It used to be apt to describe them as the kind who could spike the needle on the sphincterometer. Thankfully, 2011 has brought with it a new product motto to replace the former: “Somebody cares about your bran.”

  3. Even if, for the sake of argument, the medicine were prescribed for complications after an abortion, the abortion had already happened. There is no issue of conscience here: the pharmacist is not being asked to participate or facilitate an abortion.

    The only justification for this is to exact punishment for something that the pharmacists SUSPECTS (without evidence) has already been done. None of this pro-life stuff is about life or about protecting babies, but about punishment for illicit sex.

    The pharmacist is only denying medicine for a potentially life threatening medical situation, which I would say is malpractice.

  4. Welcome to the LDS run state of Idaho. The pharmacist wanted the patient name to report her to the bishop, you can bank on that.

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