8 thoughts on “HSP

  1. If it were a gift, one could refuse it.
    I use friendliness and extroversion as a shield. It would work better if I could recognize faces, and remember who I’m talking to.

  2. Or you have gotten the insulation of your nervous system stripped down through bad nutrition and an out of whack immune system. Vitamin B supplements might help some.

    Prolonged periods time with your body on high alert through fear, anger, pain eventually wears out your adrenal glands. They need protein and Vitamin C.

    Of course there are also the cosmic flaws and fault lines of the universe, systemic evil and all the rest. When you get feeling better, you should rise up in existential revolt against the crushing institutions of the earth.

  3. I’ve been this way as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, I’d cry when I got my hair cut — because it hurt. It stopped hurting when I was about 20. I really do have hyperreactions to most stimuli – in addition to, and pre-dating having my nervous system out of whack from external factors.

  4. You just like it because Jung identified it first.

    Really if Dubya, Deadeye Dick, and Rummy couldn’t make you less sensitive, you’re hopeless.

    But we love you.

  5. Well, I don’t know you so I can’t comment on what this means for you. So, I’ll just say oh, I’m so sorry or congratulations!

  6. Gee, ya think? You’re a musician and writer — both involve sensitivity and channeling feelings for expression in an organized, artistic way.

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