2 thoughts on “Meltdown

  1. Tried watching the vid you posted. But didn’t get much further than I did several nights ago — TV surfing before I went to bed, really looking for some news. I happened upon his show. Watched for almost 5 minutes, and couldn’t figure out wtf his subject was. Turned off, needness to say.

  2. Susie:

    I think I have the thesis, arguments, evidence, and conclusion of the madman.

    Theme: There’s a worldwide revolution brewing, led by an alliance of leftists and Islamists.

    Argument: ONLY I CAN SEE THIS, the elites and the New York Times are fooled. Someone is behind this (probably George Soros).

    Evidence: Cooperation on a popular front between Christians and Muslims in Egypt to topple America’s friend, Mubarak.

    Conclusion: It may start in Egypt but it’s coming to America. THEY ARE COMING FOR YOU, MY LISTENERS.

    My conclusion: Paranoid Schizophrenic with delusions of grandeur. This is dangerously homicidal ideation, motivating those of his audience who are already marginally violent with trigger talk. The question is, how many of his listeners will arm themselves and seek out soft targets in the coming days?

    Unitarian churches, mosques, Democratic party offices, Jewish museums, women’s clinics — places that have been targeted before by armed and deranged, lone, white males (because THAT is the profile) — need to secure themselves.

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