When abortion is outlawed

And women become felons:The story of abortion in El Salvador.

One unintended consequnce: Doctors can’t operate on patients with ectopic pregnancies until the fallopian tube ruptures, making it more likely that a woman dies.

Don’t think it can’t happen here.

3 thoughts on “When abortion is outlawed

  1. coming attractions in mike pence’s america. ladies, if you die
    you die. if you survive, you will be prosecuted.

  2. It’s almost happened already, if not actually happened. If you go to a Catholic hospital complaining of pain and other symptoms of an ectopic pregnancy, they will in all likelihood turn you away. When I mentioned ectopic pregnancies as a complication under one of the proposed new anti-abortion bills, two commentators at Balloon Juice wrote answers about a sister-in-law and a daughter, both who had to go to other hospitals. Neither woman died, but getting the medical help they needed took many more hours as they had to drive many hours to other hospitals.

    Yeah, they sure are pro-life….

  3. The piece of this I don’t get is that supposed “progressive liberals” seem totally incapable of seeing the insidious, long-term strategy of the war of attrition against women’s rights.

    Thus we got callow (male, of course) left-leaning pundits like MattY and Ezra telling us we should swallow restrictions on abortion rights in the health care bill because on balance the bill helped women more than it hurt them.

    I’m not going to bore you by explaining why that’s just plain dumb.

    One suspects they are chosen for their exalted big-media positions precisely because they don’t have a visceral, experiential knowledge of what it took to get where we are, either from a class or a time perspective.

    Yet they are read and quoted by the left blogosphere much more frequently than guys like Herbert, who do.

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