I needed a good laugh. From a reader who was referred here by Digby:

Sorry, nuthin’ for the tip jar. (None for her, either…) You guys are both too cozy with the notion that Barack Obama somehow escapes criticism for leading the democratic party straight back into the political cesspool, and for squandering an historic opportunity to make real, progressive, change in our country.

Dear God, I’ve been caught out. This person sees right through me. Yes, I spend most of my days defending Obama. Just ask the people who read me every single day.

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  1. Wait, what? Has this person ever actually read your site?

    Apparently not.

    I’ll get a tip to you as soon as I get paid (which is who knows when, but eventually).

  2. my first thought was that whoever wrote that must have based his/her opinion on just a single non-representative post. but what post could that be?

  3. As you know, I can go a couple of days at a time where I don’t say much. But I don’t believe in blathering for its own sake. When I have something to say, I say it.

  4. Direct him to your archive for posts between 2007 and day before yesterday.

    Hey where is the archive for 2007-2008??

  5. No Susan, you spend most of your days covering his ass by talking about other things, which, with this president who’s well along to destroying the democratic party, is defending him.

    As I told you in the emails between us, I went back 10 days, and found nothing but a few links that were somewhat critical of Obama, although, some of them, like you, weren’t too interested in mentioning him by name.

    That’s about 300 posts by you, with practically nothing by way of direct criticism from you.

    If you can open up your archives to a quick search, so that I can go right to the period of, say, the events after Tucson, when Obama, for some reason, had jackshit to say about the need for stricter gun laws, I’d sure like to take a look at some of these red-hot comments you’ve made about Obama.

  6. Okay. I went back and went through the last half of January, looking for comments on the Tucson massacre. Not very many. That’s okay, maybe you, Susan, like a lot of us, were depressed and tired of re-playing it, in any form. Hard to fault that. I needed a break from it, too.

    But you said, of Obama’s “comfort speech” as I call it:

    “I thought it was a good speech.”

    I thought it was talking-goody-two-shoes-bullshit. No more than what was expected. It’s the preznint’s job to offer succor when these things happen. He did that, and that was it. Period.

    No words of righteous anger (as you so accurately posted about, when you put up a good thread about Clinton’s speech following the Oklahoma City bombing).

    Not a breath of a call for waiting periods or restrictions on assault rifles, no once-and-for-all end to even possessing high capacity magazines, not even a plea to make it a felony to carry a firearm to a political gathering.

    Of course, when he was figuratively weeping for the killed and injured Tucson children, he stayed a parsec away from any consideration of how many Iraqi and Afghan children have died in
    the two shitmires that he inherited from George Bush and which he is so diligently sustaining. To your credit, you pointed out that a poster had spoken about that, as well someone should have.

    OTOH, your whining about Hillary is a real minus point, IMHO. The idea that we’d have been better off with a president who drank the bloody bushCo war-koolaid for years, until she saw it ruining her chance at the nomination, and one who praised John McCain, an out-and-out Bush clone, as having better commander-in-chief credentials than Obama, plus the fact that she endorsed Joe Lieberman instead of Ned Lamont, a good antiwar candidate, in the primary in Connecticut, is the sourest of sour grapes. Makes no sense atall.

    And then, I read this, in your thread titled, “Mind Reading”, in which you talked about people projecting their ideas on you. It was about Obama’s diligence in pursuing Bush’s agenda. You said:

    “I really don’t get how these same policies drove us nuts when Bush followed them, but now we’re expected to maintain a polite silence.”

    It’s a great sentence. Almost Lincolnesque, in it’s clarity and truth.

    You had a good thread on “those who can do”, in which you pointed out that despite Obama’s promise of jobs, with GE closing 27 plants, Obama hired Jeff Immelt, a honcho at GE. More good stuff!

    On the Social Security fight (You are in the foxhole very well on this, thank you!) “Obama’s a damned fool if he doesn’t understand that the republicans will turn around and knock him over the head with this.” Which is more of the stone truth.

    So, in light of all this, I herewith tender you an apology for accusing you of shaving points for Obama. I was wrong. You do a pretty good job of calling him out on his shit. I also apologize for confounding you with Digby. I’ve been over there a lot, ginning up dogpiles from her loyalists, and just stirring the latte-liberal pot in general ( :o) )and you’ve said things that she would cut out her own tongue before she uttered them.

    Obviously, I think it’s a good thing to be willing to do that. If we’re brickdumb enough to present this corporatist hack to the voters in 2012, we’ll deserve the ass-kicking we’ll get. The best we can do is pull the political rug from under him, and try to hang on to enough seats in congress to monkeywrench the republican in the White House, quite probably, David Petraeus, since all of the republican leadership look like snakehandling bible zombies or shopworn losers like Romney and Gingrich, and since Petraeus will be a relatively new face…Like Obama, in his run, in that respect.

    So, we have to agree to disagree about it being a “good” speech. For me, it was another lost opportunity, in this ongoing presidential pantheon of squandering those. At this point, he has no more left, that I can see. The best case scenario is gridlock, if we’re lucky.

    Again, sorry to rack you harder than you deserved.

    The truth, as best we know it.

  7. My boat is very “leaky”. Like, no beer until the SS check gets in.

    BUT! I have another contribution to make. This is a lady named Alecia Nugent. She is the the best-kept secret in Bluegrass/Country music. Not a breath of artifice or fakery in her singing. She makes those Nashville Divas sound like a bunch of hookers standing out on a street corner squabbling over a john.
    In this one, “Hillbilly Goddess”, which she co-wrote, she honky-tonks it up, but don’t sell her short; when she starts bearin’ down on one of those old bluegrass heart songs, I’m like a drunk in a bar.
    Hope you like her:


  8. me thinks its a Teabagger trying to pass as a progressive-just too ridiculous to pay attention too…or its Ann Coulter drunk blogging

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