The Kill Team

Rolling Stone’s new story about soldiers killing civilians in Afghanistan and taking pictures of their bodies, cutting off body parts, etc. — it’s not all that shocking to me. Soldiers have always done this, always will.

This is why we shouldn’t send them in the first place. Even if you think we’re fighting one of the so-called “good wars,” training thousands of men to suppress their humanity to be more effective killing machines does have its effect on people, as those of us old enough to have seen the long-term psychological carnage of Vietnam can attest.

War is evil. That’s why we should only do it when we have to. Problem is, politicians would rather fight a war to get oil than piss off their oil buddies by seeking alternatives. Oh well!

One thought on “The Kill Team

  1. I council returning Vets here on The High Desert. Why? Because I know what they’ll live with for the rest of their lives.
    It doesn’t have to be saliva to be spat upon.

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