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  1. High “collateral damage” seems to be endemic to drone warfare.

    A feature, perhaps.

    Pretty scary that Obama wants (has?) them flying over the border regions of our country…. What could possibly go wrong???

  2. Don’t worry. Once, when I objected to all the civilians being murdered in Iraq, someone reassured me that it was just the fog of war. Hadn’t I ever heard about the “fog of war”?

    I think I then became apoplectic and went and sputtered in a corner somewhere.

    So, apparently, drones are okey dokey because the fog of war makes it so.

    I know. There does become the question of the definition of war, but who cares? That is where most of our money goes, isn’t it?

    America does indeed live in a video game—a drugged one, at that.

  3. Oh, I forgot to include this tidbit from wikipedia regarding the “fog of war”.

    The fog of war is a term used to describe the uncertainty in situation awareness experienced by participants in military operations.[1] The term seeks to capture the uncertainty regarding own capability, adversary capability, and adversary intent during an engagement, operation, or campaign. The term is ascribed to the Prussian military analyst Carl von Clausewitz, who wrote:

    “The great uncertainty of all data in war is a peculiar difficulty, because all action must, to a certain extent, be planned in a mere twilight, which in addition not infrequently — like the effect of a fog or moonshine — gives to things exaggerated dimensions and unnatural appearance.”[2]

    I suppose this also applies to the war against Earth waged by us humans. After all, who could know?

  4. Commenters at Moon of Alabama came up with this juxtaposition after Bernard posted this LATimes article:

    the cameraman:

    “Praying? I mean, seriously, that’s what [Talibans] do.”

    catlady #4:

    “Preying? I mean, seriously, that’s what Predators do.”


    Posted by: claudio | Apr 11, 2011 7:09:11 PM | 10

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