My new hero

Via Young Philly Politics:

This video is just 88 seconds and it’s great. At Corbett’s Marcellus Shale Advisory hearing last week, they set out two sign-up sheets for public comment. Only, they told the industry about one and the protesters about the other.

Guess which one they went to first?

In this video, a woman from Pittsburgh calmly and clearly confronts a Corbett Administration spokesperson about the trick. She comes off as smart, gutsy and reasonable. He comes off like someone who just got caught stealing an extra piece of cake at Church Camp.

3 thoughts on “My new hero

  1. “That’s not conspiracy. That’s called fact.”
    She is so freaking awesome.
    And the look on the flak guy’s face? Priceless.

  2. That sleazebag ought to be fired immediately.
    He’s so patently phony and condescending.
    Why is he the recipient of taxpayers’ money?

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