2 thoughts on “And speaking of water

  1. Wasn’t Halliburton singled out for special protection of its fracking solution ingredients? They don’t have to tell anyone or any regulatory entity what’s in its mix.

  2. I just did an article on this for GRID. Fracking has been exempt since the 1970s:

    EPA considered hydraulic fracturing as exempt from the Safe Drinking Water Act following the act’s passage in 1974 (LEAF v. EPA 1997, EPA Fracturing Final 2004). The act sets standards and requires permits for the underground injection of hazardous substances so that these materials do not endanger Underground Sources of Drinking Water (SDWA 2008).

    This was, however, re-affirmed by the filthy little chimpanzee and his heartless cancellor, Darth Cheney.

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