Christie style

Using a state helicopter to go to your kid’s baseball game? Thrifty!

I especially liked the fact that he had a car drive him 100 yards to the field:

The helicopters are designed for law enforcement, emergency medical transportation and homeland security duties, said Paul Loriquet, spokesman for the Attorney General’s Office. Helicopters not outfitted specifically for medical use can also be used to ferry executives, he said.
Loriquet said the contract for the helicopters was signed in 2009 during the Corzine administration.

He did not have a cost per hour for the choppers. When former Gov. James E. McGreevey reimbursed the state for using choppers for political use in 2002, it was at a rate of $1,200 an hour.

4 thoughts on “Christie style

  1. IIRC, Jon Corzine eschewed the use of helicopters, partly because there had been a lot of criticism of former governors using them and the high cost. Perhaps the accident which laid him up, almost killed him, would not have happened if he’d been using a helicopter.

  2. Wow — sounds like the afternoon schedule was purely personal. Unknown site of origin of the flight, son’s game (good parenting, nice he gets time off during working hours), private political dinner….

    Okay, then. Helicopters were rec’d for work related trips, especially after Corzine’s near death accident, but…well, this does push things a bit.

    But I’m sure Christie feels he’s saved the state so much money by killing needed programs that he feels entitled to state helicopter transportation.

  3. Of course he had to take a car to travel 100 yards — how else would he be able to keep his weight up at a respectable level?

  4. Yes, that was a nice touch, the mention of his 100-yard car ride. A man who is too fat and lazy to walk 100 yards is on a collision course with nature. Here’s hoping!

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