5 thoughts on “Republicans smell blood

  1. It’s a good question, and lots of things can and will happen between now and next year, but my guess is that Obama sees himself as having two advantages: (1) the republican presidential candidates, so far, are people he can beat, and (2) he believes that Wall Street will bankroll his campaign to the detriment of the republican candidate.

    Maybe he has plans to bust out a big ol’ jobs program in early 2012.

    Or he thinks that everything is hunky dory and that the people love him.

  2. With President Obama’s track record, I don’t think it really matter which party wins – there is no daylight between the two. His Healthcare plan looks identical to the Republican’s plan from the ’90s. His tax policy is the extension of the Republican tax policy. His M.O. is to give power to the Republicans. His Economic team consists of Republicans.

    This is called a false-flag operation. The most successful false-flag operation the CIA has ever undertaken (google CIA, Obama, Business International Corporation). It makes you wonder what the NSC has been doing with their 9X funding advantage.

  3. Ronbo, your comment is intriguing and makes a lot of sense.
    There are some differences, IMO, but not really a lot.

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