The problem

With Santorum’s position that doctors be criminally prosecuted for performing abortions, he’s really saying that the hired gun who performed the homicide be prosecuted, but the person who hired them is actually a victim.

He’s a lawyer, he knows better. And if he knows better, he knows the wives, friends, sisters and mothers will be prosecuted for murder. Gee, I wonder how most people would feel if he put it that way?

One thought on “The problem

  1. Abortion is a blessing.

    Was it you or someone else who posted the link to the minister who is saying that?

    Abortion is a blessing.

    At Kos this morning LaFeminista had a post about throwing bricks through Overton windows. That line about abortion is my choice for first brick.

    Plus, you know I honestly agree down to my bones that the only way to fight these people is with in-your-face terms as vivid and unequivocal as theirs.

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