One thought on “Endless war

  1. And as Obama put it at his presser, doubling down on what is not “war,” this is not a war since no US lives have been lost, we have a limited objective, and it’s based on “humanitarian” rationalizations.

    (Were German soldiers’ lives lost when Hitler moved to seize Sudetenland, based on the right of self-determination for a unification with Germany? If so, how dare we have called that a hostile act?

    Did German soldiers get killed when invading Polans in 1939? If not, then it wasn’t an act of war? It began with air power, then naval assaults, finally boots on the ground.)

    Does power always corrupt? And Superpower status lead to super corruption of the interpretation of “rule of law”? It seems to me our government now uses “international law” only as excuses for taking over other people’s oil and minerals, to invade and occupy, to kill other people. We seem to still have enough sway that we can get just about any resolution through the UN Security Council, so ironically named. The only security involved increasingly seems to be our security to secure oil.

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