My so-called social life

Last night, a drunken guy the same age as my son tried to talk me into bringing him home. I kept putting him off nicely, but he persisted. I finally told him that his approach had all the charm of a dog looking for the nearest fireplug. He then started hitting on the woman next to me, which only proved my point.

The thing is, he’s not a total asshole, just drunk, and there was a time when I might have been flattered. I have a pretty hard and fast rule now: If you don’t have the nerve to actually ask me to go out (when you’re sober), I already know it won’t work out. Maturity! It’s not such a bad thing.

4 thoughts on “My so-called social life

  1. It interesting how people assess what people are “really like”. You seem to think that the sober guy is the “real” guy. I think that the drunk guy is the “real” guy, or at least that this is the guy you are going to “really” end up with if you let him into your life.

    Alcohol anesthetizes the part of the brain that does its calculations and judgements and supplies messages of inhibitions to prevent impulsive, reactive actions. This is why people drink to “have fun” and get rid of inhibitions.

    The drunk guy is also the guy you are going to get in times of stress, anger, fear, fatigue or any other basic existential situation. That’s the guy you can count on him to be.

    The guy who is sober, calm and awake might be nice, but chances are that is going to be the more rare situation.

  2. I want to apologize for saying “what you seem to think”. I hate it when somebody tells me what I think. They can’t know what’s inside another person’s head, and I can’t either. 🙂

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