5 thoughts on “Why Cenk’s leaving MSNBC

  1. Cenk was the only show on MSNBC other than TRMS that I made a point to catch. And that took a bit of effort since he wasn’t rebroadcast and they didn’t put the video on the web.

    I’ve been checking in ’cause I thought Sharpton was just filling in. Sharpton is doing better than I expected. But I doubt I’ll bust my hump to catch that show.

  2. Are you both saying that you don’t like watching RACHEL Maddow and/or Lawrence O’Donnell?
    Or do I have my news channels mixed up? (I don’t have a functioning TV).

  3. Maddow is a huge disappointment. Bob Somerby regularly skewers her shows at The Daily Howler – I myself haven’t watched cable news since 2008.

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